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In September 2017, I joined the creative team of Hero Cats as a lead illustrator on the upcoming new series Rebel Cats! What a journey and an honor to work with such talented people!


Since being recruited, I've done the pencils, inks, and colors for certain pages in Issues 20 and 21 of Hero Cats, ending the stories of Hero Cats of SkyWorld and Eastly the Brave...

In 2018, I became the lead artist of the upcoming series Rebel Cats. I did the pencils for issues 1-3, as well as the character and environment designs. 


Below is the completed pages that can be seen when you purchase Hero Cats and Rebel Cats (which will be coming to print soon!)

Hero Cats Issue #20

Hero Cats Issue #21

Hero Cats Misc. Projects

Rebel Cats Issue #1

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